The leaving

KOKO is moving 

   As a fire burns nearby and rain pelts down I am writing to let you know that we are closing the version of KOKO that most of you are familiar with, namely that one that has been variously located on Abbot Kinney in Venice and most recently on Main street in Santa Monica. The store KOKO will, within a month more or less, be liquidated in a goodbye sale and what remains will be trundled into a shipping container sailing to Porto Portugal where a decidely new and different form of KOKO is being constructed. Some of you are probably aware of this move as it has been afoot for two years or so when we purchased ” the bones” of a very beautiful 19thcentury building located in the world heritage section of Porto Portugal. Since then, we have been laboriously “restoring” it from the ground up to recapture its elan and grace. This new KOKO, as envisioned, will take the meeting place idea of our original store a step or two further. Indeed there will be a beautiful elegant store/salon with Marianne’s clothings and shoes. Within the same building there will be an actual meeting lounge where ideas can be exchanged over a glass of wine or a cup of tea . Not without a touch of humor, we have called this the “refugee Center.” Furthering this idea, within the larger compound of two buildings on this large property there are eight apartments of varying shape, size and design that are intended for visitors who would like to spend a few weeks or a few months living there. Each unit contains fully appointed kitchens and everything you would need to relax and explore Porto or the beautiful North of Portugal. 
         Porto, aside from being incredibly beautiful and tranquil, is very centrally located in Europe. The city is one hour by air to Madrid, one and half to Marrakech and two hours to Paris. Speaking personally, living in this warm, welcoming city has been psychologically vivifying since there is a pleasant distance from the political chaos and upheaval found in too many places today. So, this new KOKO, when finished in about six months, will offer a bit of “ refuge from the storm” and a pleasant extended meeting place not unlike how our original Abbot Kinney store functioned. 
         This is probably enough chatter about the new KOKO. Now, regarding the old one....truthfully, somehow this letter was difficult to write because it meant closing a chapter and opening a new one and I suppose it is natural to look back and think of all the absolutely wonderful people that Marianne and I have met during the years that we have had our stores. I fondly remember the humor, the warmth shared and stories exchanged. So during February if you are able please come in and we can say good bye properly and in the near future perhaps you will be our guest in Porto and we will lengthen our stories and become closer friends. 

Best wishes steve and Marianne